Kids that are choosy with gifts

Discussion in 'Kids' started by Alexandoy, Dec 22, 2017.

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    Envy is a natural reaction of a young kid, I remembered when I was a kid and my neighbor was bought a bike as a birthday gift by his parents and I was so jealous and filled with envy. And I begged my parents to buy me a bike on my birthday. When my birthday came my parents didn't gave me a bike so I cried and cried until my aunt bought me one. What I'm saying is kids are like that and the best way for me as a parent to go is if ever the request of my kid is feasible then I buy it but not right away, I always make him wait for a week or a month so that my kids could learn patience and the value of money.
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    Well, sometimes gifts stink! I mean, I hate to say it like that, but I am talking about gifts for kids - not adults. I mean, with a kid, the sentence,"It's the thought that counts!" is a bit more complex. Well, in my case, I got a pair of socks at a elementary school Christmas party, and well, I wasn't happy. :mad: I mean, I didn't throw a tantrum, but I didn't like it! :D
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    there are really kids like that. as young as them they have to be disciplined right away.

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