My wife is pregnant and she has a heart problem.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by brooksbill, May 21, 2018.

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    My wife has a hole in her heart. She was told by the doctor that she won’t live long but she did. She even joined some sports during her college years and went on a few Latin America singles club to date around. Eventually, she got married to me. The doctor has been telling my wife to avoid getting pregnant but a few days ago, we found out that she is indeed, pregnant. She took 3 pregnancy tests and all appeared positive. We are extremely happy but a big part of us is worried. I’m worried for my wife and I’m worried for our baby. I don’t want my wife to suffer when she delivers the baby and most of all, I don’t want my baby to inherit the heart disease. I feel so lost and confused. My wife and I have yet to talk about this whole thing but I’m pretty sure we are keeping the baby. It would help us a lot if anyone went through this already. Please share your experience, advice, etc. Thanks ahead.
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    My youngest sister has a heart ailment and she was advised against getting married for she may not withstand the pregnancy and the delivery of the baby. But my sister was one person with a strong resolve. She got pregnant at age 18 and had a son. She has a total of 4 children and still alive and doing well at age 50. I guess that hole in the heart will cooperate if your wife has good health and good mental conditioning. What's bad is if she would always think of her heart, that may cause her anxiety attack.
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    Hi There! Your wife must really be a strong woman, and I am happy that you both decided to keep your baby. And since you have your decisions made, my advice is to have your wife closely monitored by a heart specialist all throughout her pregnancy, delivery and even until she gives birth. By doing so, any complications can be prevented and her heart condition would be assessed at all times. This will also ensure that both you and your wife can enjoy her pregnancy and your upcoming little angel with less worries about her ailment. For sure your OB-Gyn can recommend a very good Cardio specialist to work with her.

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