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Discussion in 'Kids' started by Alexandoy, Aug 1, 2020 at 10:25 PM.

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    Nov 21, 2016
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    When I was a boy my mother would always ask me to run errands to the store for ingredients that she needs in cooking. Sometimes I go to the store twice a day. But now that there is the issue of the virus I don't think that would be possible. Maybe the parents should stock up on their kitchen needs so the kids would just stay home for their safety.
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    Dec 4, 2016
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    Of course no children be allowed to some errands from their parents. Children below 20 years old are not allowed go out so as with 60years old on ward too.
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    Jul 12, 2017
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    Pre-Covid 19, I did make my 12-year-old run a few errands occasionally from neighbourhood shops. But Since Covid-19, we ourselves are stepping out only for essential work so no question of sending him out. Me or my husband are the ones who go out, we buy everything we need in one trip, that too to last us for 8-10 days. But in normal situations, it is better that we encourage our children to go out and buy things by themselves so their interpersonal skills and confidence can develop.

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