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Discussion in 'Toddlers' started by littlewitch66, Dec 16, 2017.

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    May 4, 2017
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    I love the little mistakes that toddlers make when they are learning to talk.. My son used to call cheese and pickle sandwiches "Jesus and prickle". It kind of stuck and has become a family saying that we still use.

    Did your little one have any funny speech mistakes when he/she was learning to talk?
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    I do have one and it has been a family joke ever since it was spoken too. You see, here in the Philippines, houses are heavily fenced and usually, dogs are really territorial. Meaning when someone stands in front of your house, they'll start barking to alert us that there's someone at the gate and then we'll ask someone near the door to check it out. It's always like this. Our dog has another job which is our doorbell. :) So one time, we're all in the living room one lazy afternoon and then our dog suddenly barked so loud, my 2 year old was so startled, he said out loud and clearly startled, telling me, "Mommy, twenty four!" And I asked, what's that? he keeps repeating twenty four and then pointing at the door. But I know already that he's telling me that someone is at the gate. Later on, when our dog will bark, he'll just simply say 24. Why 24? I don't know up to now. And now that he's 10, we still refer to a visitor as 24. We laugh and joke about it and we ask him now if he knows what 24 is. :D
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    Oh my! Such a funny thing to say! I love hearing children's babbles and the way they pronounce their words. I have five children, they are 7 and under. Our family has taken words our little ones have said and turned it into our little family joke too. I find it more amusing when the oldest pronounces a word a certain way so the younger ones follow and learn the word how my 7 year old pronounces it.

    I would say the best one to date is the word Nutella. You know, that yummy hazelnut spread :) My oldest would ask me for a 'tunella' sandwich when he wanted a snack. I thought it was the cutest thing, even if it was something as minor as switching a few of the letters around. Well, I would try to correct him and pronounce it slowly, hoping he would pick up and catch on but for some reason it has stuck as 'tunella'. Now when he and my other children want a snack, or we walk by it in the store, it is now just 'tunella'.
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