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    It is important to always keep your baby's nails short to prevent them from hurting themselves or even you when nursing them. Babies' nails are delicate. It is therefore advised to trim their little fragile nails using a blunt nail clipper that is specifically meant for babies.
    After every bath, make sure that you rub your baby with baby body lotion to keep their delicate skin moisturized. Be sure to use lotion that is only formulated for babies. Preferably, go for oils made from calendula if your baby is prone to eczema and rashes.
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    This reminds me of my younger brother who had scratched his face with his long fingernails. There was a wound on his cheek with a trace of blood. From thereon the babies in the family were constantly checked for long fingernails.
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    I agree with Alex. I saw this recently with my niece who is 3 wks now. She keeps waving her little hands infront of her face when she is hungry (or at least that is what I think). So to prevent any accidents from happening, my sister has to constantly check her fingernails because they grow up so fast.

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