Playing outside with the neighbor's kids

Discussion in 'Toddlers' started by Alexandoy, Mar 1, 2020.

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    Nov 21, 2016
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    In our culture, it is usual for the kids to play outside where they meet the kids in the neighborhood that would become their playmates. But it would depend on what kind of neighborhood you have because the children will be influenced by the playmates and the environment as well. That is one reason why some young parents would prefer to live in a nice village even if they cannot really afford the place. They are after the environment.
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    That's a good point. When it comes to children, the friends they choose to make are largely based on the environment and who's immediately available to them. This is true even if they don't share many of the same values and interests.

    It's very unlike adult friendships. Adults still often make friends based on environment (such as office co-workers) but at the same time, a majority of new friendships start after being introduced by a mutual connection from another person. Our circles become smaller and we're more selective with who we let in.

    Creating a good environment will certainly affect the connections our children make.
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    I also noticed that, the neighborhood and company of a child is quite important in molding his personality. It really plays a huge part in the development of a child, so they must be exposed to good influences.
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    Unfortunately, most kids always listen to friends and not parents. I mean not too long ago, most of us here, our parents were talking about the same thing we are talking about right now.

    Some found out that a good neighborhood doesn't really translate to good influence. Kids in "good" neighborhoods are being tested by the same powers that are testing kids in the so called "bad" neighborhoods.

    All you can do as a parent is give good advice and hope to The Creator that they listen. Show them the pathway of light and let them lead the way. I know this is not what most people would like to hear, but it is the TRUTH.

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