Summer heat and electric fan on the baby

Discussion in 'Babies' started by Alexandoy, Mar 19, 2018.

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    In a tropical country like ours, the electric fan is imperative even for the poor families especially when there is a baby at home. The summer heat can cause rashes and the itchy prickly heat that the baby will suffer. However, excessive exposure to the electric fan is not good, according to my niece who is a pediatrician. The air from the electric fan has many impurities and the baby has the tendency to breath in the impurities that can cause respiratory problems later.
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    We all use electric fans too in India as there is no other better alternative for most. Many who can afford do use air conditioners however that is more unhygienic than fans as dust settles inside it and is a breeding ground for various viruses and bacteria. So far as I know, we never had much problem using electric fans, of course, provided that the blades are cleaned weekly and dust is not allowed to settle on them. Then it is quite safe for babies too.
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    I didn't know that info. I guess babies are very sensitive with the air that they breathe, that's why the air from the electric fan can make them sick. I think if the fan is "distant" enough then they won't get sick.
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    It is advisable to have the fan away from the baby but fast enough to cool the room. We do that for ourselves. All our fans are high up on the ceiling in the middle of rooms that only cool the rooms but the air does not fall on us directly. Direct air is not good for anyone
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    I agree. The position of your electric fans are ideal to avoid direct air to your baby. Electric fans are indeed helpful in keeping the air within the room circulating and maintaining cool temperature. In fact, I have read 1 study saying that the use of fan during sleep significantly reduces the risk for SIDS among babies by 72 %, here is the link for everyone's reference .

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