Tonsils in babies

Discussion in 'Babies' started by Gad, Mar 27, 2018.

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    My small sister recently had tonsils and it was a hell of a time. She would not eat anything, had a high fever and kept on crying. She was taken to a variety of government-owned health institutions and she would not improve. I later learned that the tonsil fever is self-sustaining and self-destructs. By this, I mean that the fever tends to last 3 days after which it ends. At some point, a health professional stated that using antibiotics worsens the situation. Anyone with a better solution?
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    My elder brother had been operated when he was 3 or 4 years old. His tonsils was excessively swollen that it had to be extracted. The doctor said that it was due to his frequent crying and also eating sweets. I am also fond of sweets and I'm glad that I didn't have tonsillitis for I dread to undergo surgery.
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    You can get viral tonsillitis where you just have to wait until it passes and bacterial tonsillitis which requires antibiotics. My son used to get bacterial all the time when he was small, He would get sickness, high fever and red swollen throat usually after he had a cold. When he got to around 12 or 13 it just stopped. It's worrying for the parents but it soon passes.
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    I can totally relate to that. As a child, I too was often sick with tonsillitis and it used to be very hard times for me and my mother. Although the doctor suggested tonsillectomy, we never got around to it as my mother was skeptical as it would mean reduced immunity in me. So we just waited and then one day, a family friend introduced us to homeopathy and it worked very well for me. After that I didn't suffer from tonsillitis much ever.
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