Vitamins needed by couples trying to conceive

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    When couples are trying to conceive it's best to take certain vitamins with key nutrients that increases fertility such as:
    Folic Acid - It has fertility benefits for both men and women. In men it increases the quality and amount of sperm. In women it increases the chance of pregnancy by promoting ovulation. Folic Acid is the most important vitamin supplement that should be taken by couples who are trying to conceive.

    Taking Folic Acid as a prenatal vitamin with the recommended 400mcg-600mcg before and 600mcg-800 mcg during pregnancy can help prevent birth defects. It should be taken daily along with healthy food. IMG_20180516_122045_319.jpg
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    This reminds me of the specialist who prescribed vitamins for me. She said that the vitamins would help me increase my sperm count. I remember her words that we might be shooting blanks which means the problem is in me and not in my wife. Unfortunately the problem of conceiving is due to the hyperactive ovaries of my wife that when she takes fertility pills the ovary produces cysts which could be dangerous when it burst.
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    Folic acid is number one needed for a woman who is expecting a baby. And also calcium is one of the vitamins, which is needed.

    It builds a strong bones for the expectant mothers. However, there are two types of calcium. One is calcium citrate and the other one is calcium carbonete
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    Thanks for the advice, I didn't know that before I read this.

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