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  1. This is an example blog entry, to showcase how the blogging system works on here.

    The blogging system shares many of the same formatting options as the actual forum does. This means it is simple to italicize, bold, underline, or do all three, if you so wish!

    It is also simple to add links, make bulleted lists, embed / upload video, or add pictures to your posts.

    If you utilize the Gallery feature (which is accessible at anytime by clicking the link at the top of any forum page) than you can even insert or link to complete albums - making it quick and easy to blog about events such as a birthday party or a family trip.

    Don't Want Your Entries Viewable By Others?

    Not a problem! Simply uncheck the 'View your entry' box before publishing. They will only be viewable by you, and hidden from the main blog feed.


    Have any questions? Feel free to send me a PM at any time. I'll be happy to help!